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Ampikas Kitchen Thai Restaurant, Willunga – STUNNING

Opening a new Thai Restaurant / Cafe in historical Willunga township gave Ampikas Kitchen owners a huge challenge.

With heritage-style buildings, how could they achieve STOP-THE-TRAFFIC with regular street advertising?

No teardrop, blade or flag banner could withstand the infamous daily Willunga winds so two x 5 metre feather banners were custom-designed.

Colours were expertly chosen to work like neon signs in the afternoon sun.

The constant waving now shows every car, bike, bus and truck exactly where GOOD food can be found in Willunga.  Remember – two trips daily – going to work / school / activities and return.

*** TWICE the exposure ***

(Don’t forget the Willunga Farmers’ Market every Saturday, too.)

Drive-by Thai cafe

BEFORE & AFTER - unseen and HERE!!

Above left, “Where is the restaurant?”

Above right, “Here it is!  Delicious Thai food with appealing good looks!”

Keeping the footpath clear of A-frames, fences free of signs and saving money on newspaper ads. (lasting 24 hours before being designated to recycling) the feather banners shout out… Head to Willunga, NOW!

CONCLUSION – Willunga – the place of Green Trees – and fantastic Thai food!