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Auchendarroch House via Google Maps, how did we miss it?

Ever tried to find your way using ONLY Google Maps?

Zigzag a straight line

Zigzag the Yellow Brick Road... to your door

Our search for Auchendarroch House showed it smack bang in the middle of a petrol station in busy Mt Barker!

So, how do your customers find you, if even Google gets it wrong?!

A-frame signs are soon hidden by parked cars, teardrop banners are flat and often swing away from traffic’s vision, and anything smaller than a flag banner really misses the mark.

*** Draw a line right to your door ***

Think of your own Yellow Brick Road.

Today we took part in a business workshop run by Regional Development Australia’s “Weaving Connections” group.

Professional web designer Sally Sanders, and Copywriter Anna Butler showed how to create a marketing presence using Facebook and Linked In.  Social Media in action!

But, when your Yellow Brick Road needs more foot traffic, how can you guarantee high-visibility?

Will feather banners, from our land of Oz, be your pot of gold?

CONCLUSION – If your customers can’t see you, they’ll soon go somewhere else.