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Aussie Feather Banners Fit Fibreglass Flag Pole, Hand-crafted in Adelaide, SA

Anzac Pride – feather flag on telecoping fibreglass pole. Quick & easy!

Thinking of displaying some Aussie pride on your own front yard flag pole?  

… but can’t imagine having a permanent flag pole in the middle of your lawn? 

Feather banners by OzFeathers make the perfect solution; they’re moveable, quick to self-install, and the flags can be personalised to suit what mood you’re in.

Using our fibreglass telescopic pole system, appliqued designs can be both decorative and loyalty-inspiring… something with an Aussie theme, or maybe a full-colour art piece to show off among your own stunning garden display?

We make no charge for artwork. 

Resident fabric artist, Linda Sanders, can work any idea into a showpiece.  Examples here show how a single banner flag can be both patriotic AND decorative.

Feather flags Willunga
Show allegiance however suits! Go Australia!

Linda works in the applique-sewn style, and each artistic scene will glow every day once the sunlight hits the fabric.  This is 100% flag nylon, known to be the brightest and strongest of all the flag materials.  Washable too.

Taking some pictorial ideas and creating memorable scenes to possibly re-create the honeymoon idyll or even an adventurous holiday is where Linda works best.  Rather than storing your precious memories on a disk then forgetting where you left them, these “holiday snap” images can be enjoyed on a daily basis in your own backyard.

Holidays memories hidden on your computer?
Time to put your happy times in your own garden.

All our work is carried out in Willunga – hand-cut, painstakingly machine sewn, and with a repair service covering any unexpected mishaps.

Rich colours abound – this nylon fabric welcomes sunlight! – and with the UV-inhibitor coating applied during the milling process to reduce the rate of fade, your flag pole display will be appealing far beyond your next holiday.

It’s our firm belief that feather flag banners ought to stay stunningly bright for much longer than just a few months; these all-sewn “fabric leadlight” OzFeathers are the only flag banners of their type in Australia. 

Expect lifespans in years, not months.

Time to ask what Linda can design for you?  Oh so easy to use…

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