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HOW are Feather Flag Banners Made in Adelaide?


In our Willunga-based workshop, each feather banner begins with a customer’s pattern… this will have been designed earlier by Linda Sanders (no extra artwork / set up charge) and confirmed as “the one” by the customer.


This pattern is laid out on our fully-lit workbench; the bold pattern lines form the guide for the design, indicating which coloured fabric goes where.


The OzFeather applique process is somewhat similar to glass leadlight, or even mosaic work, where the laying & cementing of tile pieces slowly produces the bigger picture.  Instead of broken crockery, we’re using heat-sealed slivers of pre-dyed fabrics.

Banner fabric cut & sewn

Instead of broken crockery we’re using heat-sealed slivers of pre-dyed fabrics.

How do we know which colours to put where? – this is dictated by referring to the approved proof.  Any part of a logo which is red requires Canada Red fabric.  Anything to be yellow could require either FM Yellow or Spanish Yellow, all depending on whether the logo is wanting a fluorescent or a natural shade.  With over 40 dye colours to choose from, there’s no issue with finding the right match.

SolarMax colour range

Our UV-inhibitor coated flag nylon comes in over 40 solid colour dyes.

Next step will be to wield the hot-cut iron, and carefully slice up the coloured fabrics.  This step is a little like making a jigsaw puzzle, where you’ve drawn the picture first yourself and then sliced it into individual pieces.  An experienced cutter finds this work enervating – there are so many colours and a myriad of shapes to work with, making sure the hot iron and soft flesh never make contact!


Piece by piece, the full image materialises.  Logos are cut and welded into place.  Text letters are cut individually, lined up carefully and then also welded into place.  When all the “jigsaw pieces” are attached / tacked together, it’s off to the sewing machine.


Polyester thread zigzag

How to make a SOLID design even stronger – sew in zigzag with polyester-core thread.

Working with polyester-core sewing thread and a heavy-duty zigzag stitch, an industrial machine will whizz through the work to ensure that each welded seam is firmly applique-encased with thread.  Much like a caterpillar spinning a cocoon, or a spider weaving its web around the prey.


At this stage, work is checked for quality control, making sure that no raw edges are left uncovered  and all seams are anchored securely, as the OzFeather will need to withstand Australia’s uniquely harsh weather conditions.


The task of attaching the reinforcement binding is the shortest job of all, taking only a matter of minutes.  We use a UV-stabilised edging tape which is well-suited to daylight.


Leaving only the sleeve to fit, the end is in sight.  We use the same heavy-duty flag nylon for the sleeve as we do for the banner to ensure there is no “weakest link”.


Finally, adding a top cap of 1000denier strength Cordura, then the necessary shock-absorbing bungee cord, it’s “job complete”.


Linda likes to add the date at this point to help keep lifespan – our customers can see at a quick glance how well their advertising is working for an average of just 35¢ each day.


From the first banner made in 1998, up to the most recent in January 2020, it’s always been our firm belief that feather flag banners ought to stay stunningly bright for much longer than just a few months.  That’s why we make OzFeathers to be tougher, brighter and sturdier from UV-inhibitor-coated flag nylon; these are the only banners of their type in Australia.


Expect lifespans in years, not months.  And now… HOW it happens, a short movie!


If you’re now thinking about big, bold messages in stunningly bright colours, now’s the time to ask what Linda can design for you.

How to Find the Right Design for a Flag Banner


Small business owners need to be seen, but often think, “I only want something simple”.


Now consider speed of traffic and the brief recognition time for a “simple” marker to be seen.  And, not only seen, but also be readable.


Here’s where we can turn “simple” into something punchy & brilliant.


Two local businesses had major messages to showcase to passing traffic, and with OzFeathers’ spark of WOW! this pair of eye-catching feather banners presented solutions.


Excitement creates curiosity in the viewer.


From Willunga Physiotherapy at Aldinga, “…just put up our feather.  The hands move with the wind!!  Love it.”



And why not?  These Physios use their hands to manipulate aching joints, so where a static sign might say “we’re here”, this brilliantly waving banner EXPLAINS how soothing these specialists’ hands will be.


Feather flag waving hands Physiotherapist

“My, what BIG hands you have!!”


Myponga’s Smiling Samoyed Brewery, which is set back off the main street, could easily be missed without something bright and active to stop traffic in its tracks.


Time to show creative edge by featuring their in-house brewery expert, Hoppy the real “Smiling Samoyed”.  At this size, Hoppy – with his eagerly lolling tongue – looks extremely inviting.


Hoppy Smiling Samoyed Brewery fether banner Myponga

“I’m Hoppy and I’m big, white & fluffy… want to sample my beer?”


Who doesn’t enjoy a craft-brewed beverage?  Hoppy waves at visitors, drawing you into his den, knowing you’re going to love your visit.


Both of these are Linda Sanders’ designs, and she tells us she focuses on attracting attention at distance.  “Every feather banner is a waving flag, shouting, “come over here!” giving drivers time to slow down and into YOUR carpark” she says.


Working with punchy, powerful (often singular) messages, there’s no doubt that this advertising format is excellent value for money.


Keep It Simple Stupid – K.I.S.S.


Either in the caring hands of the Physio or under the watchful eye of a furry Samoyed, all proving that “simple” can also be fantastically brilliant.


Do you need TO BE SEEN?


Do you have a simple message needing a bit of zhoozhing?


Follow this link and let OzFeathers be your answer.

COUNTDOWN TO POLAND 2019 – Flag Banners Display by SA Artists


Being invited to participate as the Australian representatives at the 9th Leba International Kite Festival Poland, OzFeathers will definitely be adding some Down Under sparkle!


Feather flag banners are predominantly known in South Australia as “business / street advertising”, and can be found waving at oncoming traffic outside small to medium-sized business enterprises.  They work as the “LOOK OVER HERE!” attraction to passing traffic.

Feather Banners Poland

Willunga South Australia to Poland – fabric artists on show.


To have the chance to display some of our unique Australian-focus fabric banner art is quite an honour, and we’re counting down the days, until the weekend of 30th August 2019.




This international kite festival ranks HIGH in northern Europe, with kite and fabric artists invited from all around the globe. Australia might just be the furthest point from the event’s location, so we’ll pack as much as we can to wow! audiences with our unique and bright designs, showcasing our Aussie-ness with pride.




Back in the Willunga workshop, each OzFeather flag is custom-designed to suit the necessary theme, then precision-cut using a heat-seal tool to ensure maximum lifespan.


Pre-dyed flag-nylon fabric is used in all our feather banners for its proven high-level durability in the Australian sun.  Dyes outlast inks in the main, with some banners still working at 7 years.


The creation of each new design involves hand-working the images to their sewable state, with all the coloured pieces firmly sewn together to produce Australia’s ONLY all-applique advertising.


These waving ads. immediately turn a hard-to-see location into a STAND OUT address, which is where ALL businesses want their new customers to be.

Coolum 2009 mural banners

A South Australian artist, promoting Sydney & Uluru, in Queensland!

Some of the art designs we’ll be packing for Poland will include examples of our amazing bird life, maybe some stunning scenery (as seen at the IGA Coolum Kite Festival, QLD), and definitely the odd quirky theme or two.  Everything that’s needed to let families know that Australians are a likeable lot.


We’ve heard many names for banner flags since we first introduced our feather designs to SA in 1998, e.g. “tall flaggy things”, “teardrop flags”, and the ubiquitous “Bali flags”, but our own name, OzFeathers, was carefully selected as it connects two very important factors; our feather-shaped all-sewn banners are 100% made in Australia, and more exactly, in Willunga S.A.



Since our humble beginnings in 1998 we’ve designed for, and shipped to, customers in England, France, USA, Canada, Tahiti, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand – not bad for a family business based in Willunga!


Easy to find us too – Ph 08 8556 2681, or email.