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Banner Poles and Accessories

Our award winning fibreglass poles are specifically designed for display and banner applications.
They are NOT adapted fishing poles or soft PVC pipes.

Each OzFeathers™ feather banner system comes complete with a Lightpole™ telescopic pole and fibreglass ground stake system.

Lightpole logo

Lightpole base cap

Screw on base cap

Lightpole sections

Thick walled sections

Lightpole tip

Large rubber tip

  • Durable, reinforced fibreglass – stores at 1.2 metres, extends to 5 metres.
  • Five telescopic sections.
  • Low flex fibreglass top section with custom rubber tip.
  • Weight is only 0.6 kgs! Fits easily in the car boot.
  • Easy to assemble in less than 2 minutes. Use it right away!
  • Ideal for easy relocation – open inspections, sporting events, weekend markets.

For even greater strength and durability, the Hefty-Pole™ modular pole, Grounder™ anti-wrap washer, and ground stake system is available as an upgrade.

Deluxe storage bag

Reinforced base

Modular assembly

Improved tip

  • Heavy Duty construction – weighs 1.7 kgs.
  • Modular assembly – quick and easy set-up and take down, but will not collapse.
  • Deluxe storage and carry bag.
  • Assembles to 5 metres – stores at 1.2 metres.

Banner pole ground washer

  • Durable high density construction.
  • Designed especially for the Hefty-Pole™ pole.
  • Allows free rotation of the banner for any wind direction.
  • Prevents Hefty-Pole™ from sinking into soft ground.

Lightpole™ poles are designed for portability, convenience and durability,
and are ideally suited to most situations.

Hefty-Pole™ poles are designed for maximum strength and are geared toward permanent displays.
These poles are stronger, heavier and more expensive than the Lightpole™ poles.

Grounder™ anti-wrap ground washer allows free rotation of the Hefty-pole™. It prevents flag wrap and keeps base of the pole dirt free.

If you are unsure which pole is best suited to your application,
please feel free to discuss your individual requirements with one of our staff.

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