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CHOOSING A FLAG BANNER? – 10 important things to consider

  1. What catches the eye is movement and colour.  Waving feather banners offer better effects than static or flat flags.  Bright colours jump out quicker than paler ones.
  2. Too many colours in a banner message make the design too busy and harder to read.  K.I.S.S.
    Word & image banners

    Bold, Bright, Large Scale WOW!

  3. Contrast is a must.  Mix dark cool colours with hot bright colours.  E.g. orange with yellow tends to blend (too similar), whereas beep blue or purple with bright yellow makes a crisp and sharp message.
  4. Ask for BOLD, large-scale graphics and lettering.  Smaller details become invisible on a waving flag / feather banner.
  5. People are WOWED by large scale.  Your business needs WOW!  Small sizing can easily be missed.
  6. Things become very small, very fast with distance.  If you want to be visible, and have your banner readable by fast-moving traffic, it needs to be BIG.
  7. Small lettering is not very readable.  Distance becomes a problem when the feather banner is moving.

    USA export banners

    CARE! - make your message COUNT!

  8. Using dates on a banner limits the usefulness to that one year.  Leaving it undated increases its usable lifespan.
  9. Flag cloth varies from polyester and 200 Denier Nylon through to satin and cheaper polyester.  Each fabric has a specific purpose, with the cheaper polyester offering the shortest lifespan, and unsuitable for long-term street banners.
  10. Weather is the enemy of all flags.  The waving of the banners to attract attention also causes wear on the fly-edge.  This is not a fault or failure of the feather banner; however banners with hems or edge-binding can be trimmed and re-edged which will extend their lifespan.  Cheaper polyester is less likely to be repairable.

These tips come from a variety of sources – including Flags of all Nations plus this no-holds-barred view on longevity from Mr. Flag.  Additional content from Carveth Kramer, USA.

Linda Sanders works as fabric artist & Creative Director for OzFeathers in Australia.