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We can put on a fabulous display at your event!

With our colourful 5 metre banners, stunning giant kites and playful ground bouncers.

Faces of the world

Uluru banner set

Make everyone welcome with a touch of


African theme banner set


Rainbow banner set


Coral Reef banner set

Dramatic effect!

Grouped banners

Maximum attraction!

Striped banner group

Just look how big they are!

Size comparison

Such fabulous colours!

Faces banners

Make a statement with our huge ground bouncer!

Meet our good friend "Spike"

Spikey ball monster

We can also decorate the sky above your event with a fabulous range of giant kites

There’s "The Barney Family", the owls…

Owl Kites

"Greenie Meanie"

Greenie Meanie

"Percy" the pink pachyderm

Percy the pachyderm

…and a variety of our colourful traditional style kites

Jewel Kite


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