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Feather Banners, Adelaide-made, won’t wear out in 12 months… where?


Are you looking for slower-fade flag banners?

Made in South Australia by locals?

Want your feather flags to be brighter than anyone else’s?


Want traffic to SEE you? GO bright!


OzFeathers = synonymous with long-life-tough nylon, bright colours which don’t run in the rain, exceptional success attracting new customers, and locally crafted. Yes please!


Absolutely no need to settle for “simple” or “basic” because OzFeathers designs give you the chance to splash out in glowing colour!  Have your feather banner waving stronger, brighter and working harder to catch the attention of all that traffic heading towards you.


Is your location is hard to see?

Aldinga Beach colour TDU 2015

Can’t MISS this colour!


If cars aren’t slowing down by the time they reach your driveway, often they’ll continue to drive. This is where the waving, shimmying flag throws itself into their eye line, allowing more time to slow down.  No more zooming past.


Customers tell us that their foot traffic jumps by 20-25% ONLY when their feather banner is outside in full, swishing colours, both in good and not-so-good weather.  OzFeathers flags have NO days off – every day, working hard.


Advertising can sometimes be hit and miss. What a huge a relief to know there’s a sure-fire solution, and all made locally, too.


Showing exactly how superbly flag advertising can work for you, here’s how fluttering banners are clearly “hypnotizing, mesmerizing me…” (lyrics borrowed from “The Four Seasons” song “Oh What a Night”).  Drawing attention to you and your location.  Cha-chinggg!


You want to be seen, right?


Make the call today or send an email to our Contact page and leave all your design work to the locals.


Ex-display Specials now available – email for details.