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Feather flags make Turkish Delight in Istanbul


Thousands of eager children and their parents joined international kite artists at the Meltepe Park, April 21 & 22, for colour and amazing spectacle at the 6th Istanbul International Kite Festival.


Linda Sanders represented Australia with this selection of feather banners, creating a scene of Turkish Delight-style colour for the families as they entered the Park complex each day.


Istanbul Kite Festival banners

Australian banners delight in Turkey


International guests included Keith Mould (RSA), Cheang Yarin & Sim Sarak (Cambodia), Paolo Tosti and Giovanni Angelini (Italy), Wieslaw Gwizdala (Poland), with Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Colombia also represented.


Sunshine and light breezes provided the ideal setting for a family day out, where all the children attending received FREE hand-made kites, as prepared by the Istanbul Kite Museum.


There were music performances from bands dressed in animal costumes.  Stilt-walkers and jugglers presented mime and music.  Inflatable characters wandered about, keeping the theme of fun and colour.  (Linda’s “official” role meant very little once she’d met these furry players…)


Name tag Istanbul & band

Musicians in costume vs. Linda’s official title on field!


OzFeathers’ display became THE place to be for some zany family selfies!



While commercially-printed flags use only inks (which may run in the rain or fade fast in the sun) the special fabric Linda uses in her banners produces all-bright, all-tough, all-sewn waving designs, which glow and stay fresh-looking even after their 14,000 km journey!

Minaret, flags & banners, Istanbul

You know you’re in Turkey when you hear this unique Call to Prayer


Keeping the atmosphere almost too-delicious to watch, Linda’s dancing feather flags welcomed every camera angle.



Her designs included some new images for 2018; from butterflies and polar bears, to peace doves and Australian parrots.



The Day of the Dead (a little “Coco” style!) was present, too.



As an Australian premier fabric artist, Linda gratefully thanked all sponsors for their invitation to share these made-in-Adelaide kite flags with Turkey.



All Australian made, hand-delivered to Turkey, with much delight…