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Harding’s Naturopath Clinic, Aldinga – a full appointment book and improved cashflow

Establishing a new Naturopath business in a difficult to see location gave Harding’s Clinic staff a problem.

“We need some advertising! – We can’t be SEEN!”

A teardrop or blade banner would be hidden by traffic, a beach flag would not suit, but… a 5 metre waving, bright feather banner now has cars flocking in!

Harding's Clinic flag banner

STAND OUT! with a 5 metre feather banner

BEFORE with no flag or banner the exterior looks plain, their signage can’t be seen, traffic drives past, the building is set back from the road.

AFTER, with just one feather banner now it’s tricky to find a parking space!

OzFeathers: “How has your feather banner improved your foot traffic?  Have you noticed an upward %?”

Harding’s Clinic: “Yes, it has improved foot traffic coming into the Clinic quite substantially.  It promotes more interest in our business.”

OzFeathers: “What would you change about our product or service?”

Harding’s Clinic: “Nothing, terrific from start to finish.  We are very happy with your service & will be using you again in the future.”

OzFeathers: “How would you describe the feather banner to other business owners?

Harding’s Clinic: The best idea ever! It is proving to be an eye-catching landmark in our location.  Worth its weight in gold.”

CONCLUSION – The ONLY feather banner to use (flag banners / banners / teardrop flags / sail flags / wind sails) is the one which BOOSTS your reputation.
OzFeathers guarantee stunning results (POSITIVE Cashflow!), every time.