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How can Kites bring more visitors to your next outdoor Fair / Market / Field Day / Concert?

If you’re currently using …
Newspaper ads = costly and quickly into the recycling
Radio announcements = short ad. time with limited audience
Notices in shop windows = people quickly forget !!

*** Is it time for something which WORKS for you for a change? ***

Imagine that you’re driving in the car and suddenly there are specks in the sky up ahead.  Not one speck, but lots.  If it’s not a mass of UFO’s, what could the sky be filled with?  Must investigate…

Answer = kites.

Colour & movement in the sky.

All shapes & sizes – octopus, birds, some road signs, an elephant, waving coloured streamers.  Closer up, a sea of colour at ground level with billboard-sized feather banners.

“Oooh, let’s go and have a look!!”     Hurrah!  An advertising success!

27 metre octopus, large kites and BIG! feather banners - What's happening here?

Large kites, flown by experts from fixed locations at heights up to 100 metres, with a mass of flag banners on the ground are guaranteed to attract audiences to hard-to-see festivals or outdoor concerts.

Country Field Days know the crowd-pulling power that kite & flag displays have.  Curious onlookers have abandoned their TV football just to find out what’s going on over there…?

CONCLUSION – OzFeathers’ kite & feather banner displays can make neighbouring towns envious, once visitors start flocking to your successful Market, Fair or Field Day.