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How Versatile are Feathers?


Feathers keep birds dry, they regulate body temperature, they come in all sizes, colours and patterns plus they’re necessary for steering and control when the bird is in flight.


Feathers can also be brilliant, they can tickle, be soft or scratchy, they’re used for quills + ink, or for interior décor.  Even a Grandfather clock will have a feather inside…


Feathers are also superb as street marketing – attention-seeking things they are!


Feather Banners Linda Sanders Istanbul

Fluttering like bird feathers – and just as colourful


“Feathers” was the name I gave to my art when making my first flag banner in 1998, as I’d based it on the cut shape of a bird’s feathers.


Not teardrops which are flat and not Bali flags with triangular edges, but feathers, or more correctly, OzFeathers because I’m proudly Australian (Oz).  “Brilliant marketing banners” was what I became known for.


Why is my work described as “brilliant”?


I use only bright colours.  The fabric I work with isn’t ink-on-fabric printing, simply because some inks can run in the rain. I need permanent colours, come rain or shine.  And, I want those colours to be glowing BRIGHTLY when the sunlight finds them.


Each design I create starts with a message – it can be simple text representing a business name or a service or a product – and every one needs to stand out by being unique.


Road signs, parking signs, speed zone signs, neon signs, A-frames and a miasma of street graffiti all bombard our eyes: Navigating the signs becomes a nightmare.

Bold, bright, feather banners by OzFeathers

Imagine seeing these colours and messages – wow!


I suspected that artistic flair could brighten up these spaces, by throwing colour and movement on the greyness of asphalt and pavement.


They would also work to attract attention, just as male birds do when wooing a mate.


Feather-shaped banners wave and flutter like bird feathers in the wind.


Graceful, not unlike any bird in flight.


They even undulate attractively with the breeze – NOT flapping like a fish out of water!


Some of my ideas have come from images seen in books, some from wall murals in exotic places or promotional pamphlets and even maps from foreign destinations.


The iconic images of Uluru and the Sydney Opera House were the inspiration for my 32-banner mural-scene feather installation, displayed at various Santos Tour Down Under days in South Australia.


Uluru and Opera Hosue feather banners mural

Unmistakable – big & bold just like the real landmarks, Uluru in N.T. and Opera House in Sydney


Highly recognisable, and with one uniting theme, every feather was carefully matched and crafted to create this impressive image which is revealed as the breezes blow.


Feathers need to be colourful, bright and bold – ask any male peacock, Gouldian finch, or Rosella; they certainly take colour to the max.


OzFeathers – feathering their brilliant way, both artistic and useful, by keeping a flutter or two ahead of the birds.