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Kite Lady may be Quiet but OzFeathers’ Feather Banners are still LOUD in France!


When the phone rings and a voice asks “Is that Kite Lady?” it’s very tempting to say “She’s not here anymore.”


Three Phases of Kite Lady

Three Phases of Kite Lady

Not… GONE as such, but, moved on.


Instead, I now design visual advertising known as street marketing banners.


Hence our tagline "Brilliant marketing banners".  (The brilliance actually comes from how I use the fabric to produce a stunning stained-glass-window effect)


The focus is to create memorable, unlikely-to-be-forgotten-in-a-hurry designs which will also make businesses and community events extremely interesting to those mildly-curious onlookers.  Passers-by just can’t HELP themselves!


Work begins with a concept idea. Often the customer has photos to share, which help start the process.  Here’s an example which came in from France.


Gisèle & Patrick offer a unique and specialised photography service, taking aerial images via a camera which is lifted overhead by their kite.


Known as, simply enough, Kite Aerial Photography, it’s a relatively easy & inexpensive way to catch the bird’s-eye-view shot.


Patrick presented three photos in email that he wanted incorporated in his feather banner design.


The basis of the design

The basis for design drawings – customer’s own photos.


The first challenge was to create suitable images from the highly-detailed photos from Patrick.  Too much detail can “lose” the message and that camouflage jacket needed a lot of work!




The camera became a quick-to-recognise concept.


Quick-to-recognise camera, drawn from the photo supplied

Expertly drawn from the photo Patrick supplied


I then submitted a selection of design ideas to Patrick via email for his comments / changes.


Patrick's THREE key images

Patrick’s THREE key images

Only sewing offers such brightness.

Only sewing offers such brightness.

He and Gisèle made their decision, and sealed their order.


Their all-Australian-made flag banner has now arrived in Pancé, south-west of Paris, in plenty of time for Christmas.


  Only two weeks from start to finish.


Zoom in on the shutter!

Zoom in on the shutter!



And all done using Google Translate, since I speak about ten words of French, while Patrick’s English is slightly more extensive.






Conclusion?  There is no such word as “can’t” in business… the first question should always be, “how?