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LOOK WHO USES A FEATHER BANNER – The Hon. Leon Bignell MP, ALP Member for Mawson


The Hon. Leon Bignell, MP for Mawson SA, features his feather banner at all his outdoor meet-and-greet sessions, and is so happy, he sent us this photograph to prove it.


OVER HERE! - meet Mawson MP, Leon Bignell

LOOK OVER HERE!… Meet Mawson MP, Leon Bignell, Minister for Tourism, Recreation and Sport


“The OzFeather is still going well after 4-5 years, thanks very much…” the Minister for Tourism / Minister for Recreation and Sport recently wrote via Facebook.


“They’re perfect for street corner meetings.”


So, why do feather banners rate strongly when visibility matters?  Because BEING SEEN is the key.


Do you want to be hidden by parked vehicles or passing buses & trucks?  No, of course not!


Did you know that the height of trucks is often around 4 metres?  If they drive past regularly, any smaller teardrop or flag banners are constantly being obscured.


Are you paying for advertising that isn’t being seen?


Can your customers REALLY see you (and especially when driving past)?


Are you bold, bright, and vivacious?!!?


OzFeathers’ banner nylon is so bright, the colours are visible at over 400 metres away.  That’s much further than just across the street… that’s half way down the road!


Why not join in the current debate on “which design will suit this country-located Library?”


WHICH is your pick?

WHICH is your pick?


If your customers regularly tell you, “I didn’t know you were here!” then your current visual advertising is letting you down, and possibly LOSING business for you.


Remember the words of John Wanamaker: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”