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McLaren Vale Business Expo to showcase OzFeathers’ colourful feather banners.


Feather banners will again draw in the crowds for this year’s event, where local businesses display their services & produce at Hardy’s Tintara Winery located in McLaren Vale’s Main Street, organised annually by the McLaren Vale Business Association.

Tintara entrance


Linda Sanders’ designs add stunning splashes of colour, which are guaranteed to stop traffic in its tracks.  Exactly what’s needed when the building is well-hidden behind the lush gardens.


Now, consider your own business.

Take a look at your frontage from across the street.

See it as your customers view it.


Does it POP!?  Or, are you blending in with everyone else?  Do you look ‘inviting’, or have you an appearance of ‘arms folded, not interested’?


Choosing the right style of banner is important towards advertising which WORKS.


… Flat teardrop banners don’t wave at traffic, so when the wind blows the wrong way, these banners become invisible!


… Fabric which is satin-shiny presents a hard-to-read effect in sunlight, and messages seem to disappear from the high-reflective glare.


… See-through printed polyester often shows messages as pale, becoming hardly noticeable to fast-paced traffic.


Why do OzFeathers GLOW in sunlight?

Why are these feather banner messages so BOLD and SPECTACULAR?

What’s so special about how they wave?


Answer? = the right design with the right fabric produces desired results.  Your bottom line results.  Advertising results which are measurable!

Ground display

Just a puff of wind and POP! Be SEEN.


Not all banners are created equal, and to be sure you’re looking at the RIGHT banner choice, ask yourself…


  • Will traffic see flat or waving better?
  • Do you want strong, bold and bright colours, or pale and hard to see?
  • Is extended life important, or are you prepared to replace every few months?
  • Would a repair service be helpful?
  • How important is it to you to shop local – Australian made?


OzFeathers are known to support a variety of local events; we’re locals too.


Desk banners

Model aircraft, model trains and now… Model Feather Banners

Always happy to talk designs with interstaters and international folks – proudly exporting great Aussie-made produce.


Miniature models of some of our bright designs shown here, small enough to fit on a desk!



Need more?

Call by and see our stall, 4 December 2013, from 5:30pm.  FREE entry.

Or email via the Contact us page – for honest-to-goodness service.