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OzFeathers as Leaders in Australia for Hand-Crafted Banner Flags

We believe marketing banners should stay bright for more than a few months, and to achieve that, we start with tougher, brighter fabrics.

South Coast Athletics logo required some fine, careful stitching.

We were approached by Victor Harbor’s South Coast Athletics to create and craft new display flags to represent their motto of “Fun, Family and Fitness”

The penguin logo caught our hearts immediately, and the challenge was on! For this club, we chose two sizes, our standard 5 metre, plus a compact 3 metre, better suited to being carried during parades.

Work always begins with the pattern – cutting every piece of our 200 denier flag nylon to size, in the same way a leadlight artist might slice coloured glass to shape.

Each letter, each stripe, meticulously cut BEFORE sewing them into place.

For this design, we needed Navy, white and UN Blue to perfectly match the club logo. For added highlights, all seams were stitched with colour-matched sewing thread to enhance the seam-lines when backlit by the sun.

“Impact over conservative” describes the results that were achieved in this task. Working with this brightest-of-all fabric, we were able to produce a strong impact by using stand-out-bold placement of the text.

Results show that the highly-recognisable penguin draws our attention first, quickly followed by the simplistic font-styled message.

Working each design with high impact results in mind.

Guaranteed to withstand Australian weather conditions far better than any product of this type – sturdy commercial grade flag material worked with industrial-strength fully-sewn components – OzFeathers flags really are more than “a cut above the rest”.

Messaging needs to have a purpose – to be effective, to have impact, and to be rememberable!

Not forgetting the added morale boost which will certainly take this lively group to (pardon the pun) higher levels…!?

OzFeathers’ designs courtesy of Linda Sanders, contactable here.