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Rainbow Flags – Marriage Equality and World Peace!


Wave the rainbow flag!

Australia says “Yes” to Marriage Equality on 7 December 2017.


We’ve added a pair of doves and the olive branch of peace to symbolise harmony in the world.


Peace Doves feather banner

Rainbow flag & peace doves – marriage equality and world peace united!

Now you can decorate your own patch of paradise, be it the beach, lawn or backyard.


“It’s time for more marriage, more commitment, more love, more respect” said our PM, Malcolm Turnbull.


At OzFeathers, we regularly use the rainbow theme, adding more colour to everyday life.   Especially apt for Australia, as more and more families gather to enjoy functions in the warm sunshine.


Now available! – OzFeathers’ bespoke Rainbow / Peace Doves feather banner.  Order today and celebrate joy, love and the start of a NEW YEAR with waving and vivid colour @ AUD $475


Or, select from our standard rainbow stripes @ AUD $330


Rainbow-striped banners

Let rainbows colour your patch of paradise  example flag banners, Linda Sanders’ exclusive designs.