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Teardrop banners or flags for your Hairdressing business?

Teardrop flag, blade flag, flag banner or feather banner?


When your hairdressing salon needs to be seen, which will suit you best?

Hair & Beauty

Hair & Beauty - Where's the building??

OzFeathers use a unique feather banner shape to maximise the impact of 3 square metres of advertising space.

+ A fabric billboard.

+ Always waving – the wind is free.

+ Never complaining.


*** A feather banner will attract cars from 500+ metres away.

*** A feather banner stands taller than all the others.

*** A feather banner (sewn from flag nylon) is always bright, never dull.

Call them feather flags, or just flags, a waving banner at your hairdressing salon will help fill your appointments book.

Haircuts, Beauty Salon, Nails, Tanning, Waxing, Tinting and Perming – choose these for your banner message then let the wind do all the work.

Hairdressing feather banners are seen at Clippers Hair Design, Willunga and Kangaroo Island Nail & Beauty, Kingscote Kangaroo Island.


CONCLUSION – For the SALON with style, class & room in the diary!

If it’s not a hard-to-see, tiny teardrop banner you want, then the GIANT OzFeathers feather banner is THE flag to wave customers inside.