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Top 4 Myths about Feather Banners


Myth 1: “Staff say it’s too hard putting our banner out every morning.”


Feather banners bright

Street Marketing = STUNNINGLY brilliant!


Truth: Advertising a business is more of a marathon than a sprint, so, taking a few minutes extra at the start and end of each day turns a little effort into guaranteed big results. Going the extra mile to create a positive atmosphere pays off with a higher rate of foot traffic.


Myth 2: “We bought cheaper flags, and they worked okay for a few weeks. Then the colour faded / the flag drooped / the fabric was so thin it tore in the first week.”


Faded flags

Lightweight, cheaper, failed to last…


Truth: Banner fabric varies from lightweight low-cost natural cotton fibre through to costlier heavy-duty fibres of nylon and polyester. Lightweight fabric works fine for weekend tournaments or carnivals, where the advertising needs to be bright only for a few days, and not expected to withstand the harshness of extended weathering. These are a form of short-term advertising – cheap, lightweight and short-life.


When tougher nylon / polyester fabric is used, the production costs are increased, and proportionally, so are lifespan and durability.


Myth 3: “Our banner was really cheap, but when we added on the cost of the graphic designer artwork, the overall cost was too much for what we ended up with.”


Truth: Readily available, mass-produced message flags are often priced cheaply, but with the downside that they look exactly like everyone else’s. When stand-out advertising means the difference between customers walking to Business A instead of Business B, then uniqueness in design is paramount; generic, cheaper artwork often proves to have low effect.


Banner makers may use their own in-house artists on specific artwork for clients and their design charge will be added onto the banner’s base price. It’s important to check out what’s included in the price.


Not all graphic artists have actual experience in marketing and resultant designs may be “flashy” yet devoid of a call-to-action which great advertising requires.


Myth 4: “Every shop around us has flags, and we asked for small and simple so we wouldn’t look out of place.”


teardrop banner vs feather banner

When SIZE matters – why ask for simple?


Truth: Success in business depends on every business being different. Finding a “Unique Selling Position” is crucial, and focusing on it, highlighting it, shouting it from the rooftops… is a must. Blending in is not an option for a business to thrive.


Sir Richard Branson NEVER does anything which blends in = different.


Optus and Telstra may offer similar products but they use stunningly different advertising styles.


Who can forget the campaign from Coles’ “Down, down, prices are down” jingle and red pointer finger? = different.



Street marketing banners, by definition, MUST feature a unique edge in their style, behave differently from their neighbours, feature brighter colours or a bolder message so that they MAKE A DIFFERENCE to your business.


Bottom line profits happen when you choose to shine your light… bigger, brighter, and LOUDER than anybody else’s!