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Tour Down Under Memories


Australia Day, Tour Down Under and Aldinga Beach – all three combine to represent beautiful scenery, excitement and favourable weather.


Aldinga Beach makes a perfect backdrop for massive splashes of colour, offering all the Tour Down Under TV cameras with fantastic footage to beam around the world.


Australia Day 2013 was a Saturday, the same day as Tour Down Under Stage 5.


We celebrated our National Day by erecting our feather banners in a beach display featuring well-known scenery – Uluru and the Sydney Opera House – both quintessentially Australian, and likely to be easily recognisable by overseas’ viewers.


The racing cyclists actually sped past our feather banners a total of three times that day. The helicopters hovered and the cameramen snapped. Hurrah! – the world had seen us!

Aldinga Beach Australia Day

2013 – Feather Banners celebrating Australia Day


The following year 2014’s race day wasn’t on Australia Day, but many families still gathered at the beach for their long weekend celebrations.


This year, our chosen feather banner display was colour. And lots of it!


TDU Aldinga Beach 2014

2014 – Massed colour for Tour Down Under TV coverage


Forewarned from 2013, the photographers were pre-prepared; Sarah Reed found the ideal vantage spot across the Esplanade to make sure her perfectly-timed shot earned her “Photo of the Day” for the “Sunday Mail” newspaper.


Cyclists TDU 2014

2014 Photo of the Day


When 2015 arrived and Tour Down Under approached again, our dilemma was… which feather banners to display?


Aha! Decision made – let’s use colourfully artistic designs each with individual meanings. Most of them one-offs, and created for a singular occasion.


TDU Aldinga Beach 2015

2015 – mixing ALL the colours!


Spotted in the photo above… we added a school of fish kites and a trio of inflatable owls to round off our Australia Day weekend fun & exercise.


What will YOU be doing for Australia Day 2016?