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Vehicle Wraps and Waving Flag Banners – Advertising with RESULTS!

Compare these two forms –

  • Yellow Pages / newspaper adverts


Car graphics, feather banners

MAKE the traffic SEE YOU!

Yellow Pages & newspaper ads are static.

They’re not always in your mind or hands.

They require effort to use or to achieve benefits.


Vehicle Wraps & flag banners are IN YOUR FACE!

They’re head-turning and curiosity-stirring.

Flag banners work with (FREE) wind.

Vehicle wraps work even when you’re parked at the supermarket.


All advertising is good advertising, but only some can be AMAZINGLY TERRIFIC!

Feather banners offer DOUBLE the advertising benefits by waving and rotating.

Vehicle wraps or graphics make you visible even when you’re away from your shop.

The best solution?

Do the MOST you can do to obtain the BEST benefits for your business’ bottom line.

CONCLUSION – If you don’t let customers know you’re ready, willing and able then your great products and service will remain hidden!