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We had a flag but it’s ripped – can we get teardrop banners repaired?

200 denier flag nylon, repairs

Feather Banner is all NEW again!

Expert repairs can prove difficult on flags unless the base fabric has a high-denier count, like 200 denier flag nylon. This means the weave is strong enough to accept re-stitching.

SolarMax by DuPont is a special coating applied to flag nylon which resists fading… important in Australian weather conditions, and the only one we use.

Check out the Solarmax website

Many lightweight banners are made from 50 denier polyester, which is lighter in weight and in weave, but when you start with 200 denier flag nylon banner repairs (like the ones at OzFeathers) should be invisible to spot!

TIPS on extending the life of flags / banners –

1. Stay away from trees, shrubs, power lines and gutters. In fact, stay clear of anything sharp.

2. At the end of each day, roll feather banners around the poles before carrying them at shoulder height, without dragging along the ground.

3. Banners made from 200 denier flag nylon can be washed on gentle cycle in the washing machine. Soiled areas (grease, mud) will clean up well with a pre-wash spray beforehand.

4. When you first spot damage – which looks like it might turn nasty – contact us and ask about our repair service. Your banner should go home looking like NEW when repairs are caught early.

5. If used every single day, rain, shine, windy gales or sheeting hail, flags & banners will wear out quicker. Why not consider keeping them “off work” during the extreme-weather days and save them from a little wear & tear?

6. Last, but not least, read the instructions. They’re a valuable source of how-to-use-wisely TIPS!

And wise tips can save money!