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What’s the BEST design for a flag or a banner?

First, determine if you want passing traffic to find your location (hidden behind buildings, set back from the street, overshadowed by competition) or if you want to list all your products or special services (for close-up reading)?

Where is Burnside Village Cellars?

Waving feathers in Burnside

Feather banners guarantee they’ll attract attention at distance.  Their waving presence stimulates curiosity by jumping into the consciousness of drivers and passers-by.

Remember “Domino’s” and the junior staffers standing on roundabouts and roadsides waving their signs?  That got your attention, right?   Now see banners doing the same for  Santos Tour Down Under in Willunga 2011

Think of the time you’ve driven on a main road, traffic on all sides, while searching for an elusive street number or business sign?  If this is what your customers deal with, then feather banners are ideal.  Colourful & waving, they’re easy to see, often up to 500 metres ahead, and giving drivers plenty of time to slow down so they’re not zooming across 3 lanes of traffic to get into your car park!

A well-designed “LOOK, I’M HERE!” banner should feature no more than three (3) key words. Large enough to be visible at half a kilometre, waving to show customers the exact location, and in colours which don’t all blend together in the sunlight.

Now think of your key products… what you’re known & respected for. Alternatively, if you know you’re tricky to find, why not use your street number and business name? That’s like a waving, over-sized envelope – addressed and ready to open.

Some business owners select words from their U.S.P., those words which make them stand out from their nearest competition, e.g. “Fresh”, “Hottest”, “New”.

Including a descriptive image / icon / logo can certainly have a greater effect e.g. adding a steaming cup of coffee to a “Café” design will appeal to those who react to pictures before they see words.

Do ask the designer to select colours which make strong contrasts in sunlight.  Usually from opposite sides of the colour wheel.  Keep fonts simple, and words large & bold where possible.  The waving nature of the fabric can distort anything too fancy, too small, or too long, especially when viewed from cars passing by at 60 kph.

Now, go and BE SEEN!