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Where do Feather Banners cost only 35¢ a day?


When needing to advertise your business, or a Community Activity or perhaps a special event, your best success may often come from daily passing traffic.


Pedestrians, buses and cars will often pass by 2x every day.  What’s the best way to grab their attention with your advertising?


Only a small percentage will see your Yellow Pages or weekly newspaper ads.  You need to be SEEN by hundreds, or even thousands.


Willunga-based OzFeathers have specialised in the design and crafting of feather banners (which act as WAVING BILLBOARDS) since 1998.

Their banners are impossible to miss.


Flag banners 35c per day



A feather banner waves at everybody.  No discrimination!


Feathers dance and rotate with the wind.  Every message is highly visible at up to 400 metres away.


The average cost for this advertising is just 35¢ per day.

Less than a cup of coffee PER WEEK!


flag banner marketing

Average cost ONLY 35c PER WEEK!


When the advertising budget is small, but a location, presence or event activity requires non-stop constant promotion, then newspapers or TV ads. may be out of the budget for most.


Wouldn’t YOU stop to find out more if you saw feather banners like these?  (Curiosity, and all that…)


Bright? – this is the greatest advantage in all of OzFeathers’ designs.  Using only pre-dyed flag nylon, their colours are 100% consistent front AND back.


These rich colour shades also *glow* in sunlight.  Fabric leadlight, just like Church windows.


Whale-sized feather banner

A WHALE of a message – with full-glow!


Who wouldn’t want affordable marketing with mind-boggling results?

And all for the same cost as a cup of coffee…