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WHERE DO FEATHER BANNERS GO TO DIE?… and other interesting questions.


Why should they die when you only bought them 6 months ago?!


Perhaps the weather conditions are extreme.  Maybe the fabric isn’t intended for harsh winds.  Or, could it be… your flag banners are the INDOOR variety?


True.  Some fabrics aren’t strong enough to withstand months and years of outdoor use.


If teardrop or sail banners are NOT made from 200 denier SolarMax, then treat them with kid gloves, or they will wear out quite quickly.


Because OzFeathers’ feather banners are made using SolarMax flag nylon, your next question might be…


FLAG REPAIRS? – easy peasy. 

Just mail your SolarMax banners back and we’ll “operate” on them pronto.  If they’re beyond repair (not everything lasts forever) we’ll offer free advice.


FREE Repair Service in the first 12 months!


Here’s an example of a severely damaged flag banner which required major surgery, but we swiftly had the patient returned to full-time work in less than 48 hours.


Damaged?  Don't throw - REPAIR, and extend a life!

Damaged? Don’t throw – REPAIR, and extend a life!



Why not let us do all the hard work for you – this is our specialty from over 40 years’ experience in marketing and advertising.


Or, if you have design flair yourselves, consider these…


  • OzFeathers’ flag nylon colours (outside in sunlight) are truly bolder & brighter than on a computer screen.
  • Colours from the “Cool” side of the colour wheel are more resilient than “Hot” colours.
  • Check other colours in & around your location then look for contrasts.
  • Keep It Simple, Stupid – sorry, that’s the ad man’s mantra, the K.I.S.S. principle
  • What message should you use? – again, think K.I.S.S.  A single bold message has stronger impact than a detailed story.

Still unsure?


Just tell us your favourite colours, what services or products you offer and we’ll do the rest.


Feathers SHOULD be bright - attracting attention!

Feathers SHOULD be bright – attracting attention!


If you now have other questions about flags, feathers or banners in general, time to check out our FAQ page.


Answer wasn’t there?


Send a Contact Us Enquiry Form with as many details as you like, and one of us will nut it out for you!