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Why do business owners choose OzFeather Feather Banners?



Each individually-crafted banner is assembled to be tough, and to withstand wind.  Every fabric piece is first heat-sealed then set into the base fabric, ready to be firmly over-sewn.


This technique is similar to the age-old tradition still used to create lead-light windows.


Leadlight welding

Heat-weld then sewn – using a lead-light style process for super-strength


First we cut each coloured piece, heat-weld them all into position, and the “fixing” is done with the sewn stitch known as zig-zag, guaranteeing an extra strong bond.



Only OzFeathers’ nylon flag material offers UV-inhibitor coating, guaranteed to slow down the ageing effect of Australian sunshine.


Working with dyes at the milling stage ensures that every colour glows in sunshine with 100% concentration from both sides of the feather banner.


bright fabric, sewn seams

Dyed fabric produces richer, stronger colours, lasting longer in sunshine.



No-one starts a business to be small, translating to “Be seen, or be passed over!”


Nothing is small at OzFeathers! – no chance of traffic driving by without noticing you’re open.  Every message jumps.  Font size is “headline” proportions.  No need to fret about being too small to be seen.


Bonus waving.

The waving feathery-edge is OzFeathers’ BONUS feature, for those days when not much else is moving at all.  Just a whiff of a breeze, and this fabric has the perfect weight balance to produce enticing, rhythmic waving.


Crafted, not mass-produced.

Trust and personal service count for much these days.


At OzFeathers, your designer listens to your needs and combines marketing know-how with fabric expertise, and offers speedy discussion via email, 24/7.  This hands-on approach helps maintain one-on-one comfort, which can be so often lacking from the mass-produced manufacturer.


Kevin cuts and sews

From our “how to make” video – all hands on deck, no robots here!



MORE Traffic stops!

Results have shown an increase in the success rate from employing an OzFeathers feather banner to advertise a location – a definitive upswing in traffic numbers actually stopping to visit.


The market is there to be CAPTURED!

Don’t let it pass you by every day without knowing you’re waiting.